11 reasons why you need the
Baccarat Predictor System

(It is inside Win @ Baccarat for Online Casinos)
  1. Win up to $1650 for only 4 hours play.
    That's correct. You only have to play 4 hours in one day and you will win $1650. This is based on online play as hands are dealt as fast as you want them. Land casino play is of course slower but bets are higher so the results are much the same.
    (Based on $50 bets, and 10 shoes of about 80 hands in 4 hours. This is the betting speed achieved by experienced players.)

  2. Win-rate is over 3.5 units per shoe after commission is paid
    This win-rate is the average for ALL shoes played. Not just winning shoes but it includes losing shoes as well. Here are some interesting statistics when the Predictor System is applied to the "3007 Real Casino Shoes" collected from around the world.
    Winning Shoes = 2166
    at average win-rate of 6.17 units; 511 shoes won more than 9 units with the highest being 25 units.
    Losing Shoes = 689
    at average loss rate of 3.78 units; ONLY 29 shoes lost more then 9 units with the worst being 12 units (152 shoes had 0 units won).

    The Predictor System was applied to the well know Zumma Baccarat System Tester book containing 600 shoes. The results produced a win rate of 3.5 units on average.

  3. Win 6% of turnover
    What do I mean by that? Well, at a 70% bet-rate (see below), and at $50 per bet, a 6% of turnover translates to:
    80 hands per shoe x 70% = 55 hands bet
    55 x $50 = $2750 total bets per shoe
    $2750 x 6% = $165 win-rate per shoe.

    So if you play online, over a 4-hour session (10 shoes) you will win $1650 on average.

    This is the average across all shoes played. Winning and losing. On some shoes you will win thousands of dollars, and sure on others you might lose hundreds. But on average you will win.

  4. Bet over 70% of hands played (bet-rate)
    The average 8-deck min-bacc shoe has 80 hands dealt from it, so because the system has a 70% bet rate, you bet 55 hands per shoe per hour. That leaves only 25 non-bet hands which will not be a problem when you are sitting down, as most casinos will not give you any grief for not betting on 25 hands per shoe. If they do, all you have to do is bet say every third hand or even on tie sometimes.

  5. Flat betting not progression
    The system is 100% flat betting. Any system that uses a progression will soon be making bets that are too large for your bankroll and will blow you out the door very quickly.

  6. Small bankroll
    You only need 20 units per shoe and a life-time bankroll of 95 units. This is because the system is flat betting and also has a stop-loss.

  7. Baccarat is NOT random, coin tossing is random
    Some people say that baccarat results are totally random. I say that it only appears that way if you don't know what areas to look at.

    Think about this then. A simple definition of pure randomness is tossing a coin over a period of time and producing 50% heads and 50% tails, or near enough to that, no argument there surely. This outcome is the result of totally random events.

    However, in contrast to this, a baccarat shoe has a fixed number of cards, cards values, and rules. When these three aspects interact together the result is certainly not random. No way.

  8. You track only 2 aspects of baccarat simultaneously
    Mode 1 is effective for streaky shoes (many consecutive Bankers and Players). Mode 2 is best for choppy shoes (lots of changes from Banker to Player and back). You track both modes so whatever the shoe does you have it covered.

    Some systems require you to track more than two sets of figures. Many players have told me that this is way too hard to do in a casino environment and they simply get confused.

  9. Mechanical and precise system
    Unlike some systems that have a fuzzy definition of when to bet the Predictor System tells you exactly when to bet and when not to bet based on simple mathematics. If you can add up you can use the system.

  10. No card counting
    You do not count card values with this system. With some systems you have to count card values and then bet at the end of the shoe. Let me tell you, no casino will let you do that for long.
    Also for online players, because there is no card counting, the fact that many online casinos shuffle after every hand does not affect the Predictor System. It works just as well.

  11. Not pattern recognition
    Many players and some baccarat systems use the pattern on the baccarat score card to predict results. This does not work and we do not use this technique.

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